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  Suzhou Xinkunyuan Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Suzhou Industrial Park. Suzhou Industrial Park is located in Suzhou. It is located in the east of Suzhou. It is the flagship project of cooperation between the governments of China and Singapore. The reform and opening up experimental field and international cooperation demonstration zone, Suzhou Industrial Park is open. Innovative comprehensive experiment, Suzhou Industrial Park has become a comprehensive experimental area for open innovation in China.

  In May 2016, Xinkunyuan Company was formally established. It is a professional environmental protection technology company established after Suzhou Xintianyuan Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., which has separated the manufacturing, sales and operation of sludge drying equipment and sewage treatment equipment. It will provide more professional sewage treatment and sludge drying related services for various industrial enterprises.

  Xinkunyuan has launched a “one-stop hazardous waste sludge drying and reduction service”, which allows enterprises to enjoy reduced services without investing in equipment. One-stop services include:

  1 free use of equipment, no rent

  2 free of charge materials for loading and unloading

  3 Free on-site operators in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai (training in other areas)

  4 No need for equipment transportation costs, directly delivered to the customer site, free installation

  5 Don't worry about any after-sales problems, and enjoy the monthly benefits directly.