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Kunshan Bicycle Parts Factory sludge reduction service case

Kunshan Bicycle Parts Factory sludge reduction service case

  Sludge type: HW21/HW22 hazardous waste sludge

  HW21 chromium-containing waste: chromic anhydride, (heavy) potassium chromate, (heavy) sodium chromate, chromic acid, dichromic acid, chromium trioxide, zinc chromate, potassium chromate, calcium chromate, silver chromate, Lead chromate, waste of strontium chromate.

  HW22 copper-containing waste: containing brominated (sub)copper, copper hydroxide, sulfuric acid (sub)copper, sulfonated (sub)copper, copper carbonate, copper nitrate, copper sulfide, copper fluoride, sulfurized (sub)copper, chlorine Waste of (Asian) copper, copper acetate, copper oxide potassium, copper phosphate, and ammonium copper chloride dihydrate.

  Reduction plan: NGE hazardous waste sludge reduction operation service for one year, no cost investment

  Specific operation plan: The company provides the venue, equipment and operation personnel provided by our company, no need for equipment and personnel cost investment, no post-sales problems, and monthly benefits directly.

  Equipment model: SDR-20

  Annual output of hazardous waste sludge: about 300 tons

  Hazardous sludge moisture content: 65%

  Water content after weight loss: 20%

  Overview of hazardous waste sludge: The sludge disposal process is a filter press (the sludge moisture content is reduced to 65%)

  —— Low temperature evaporation of sludge drying machine (on-site disposal)

  —— ton bag storage (water content 20%)

  —— Hazardous waste disposal company

  Enterprise Benefits: 1. Reduce the pressure on EIA for enterprises

  2. Expand production capacity within the scope of the EIA

  3, a year to save more than 400,000 disposal costs

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