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The importance of sludge disposal

The importance of sludge disposal

  With the acceleration of economic development and urbanization, the urban sewage treatment industry has developed rapidly. At present, the number of urban sewage treatment plants in China has exceeded 2,000, and the annual sewage treatment volume has more than doubled during the “Tenth Five-Year Plan” period. As the sludge production has gradually increased, it is really necessary for sludge disposal. The answer is yes. In the sewage treatment process, a part of the sludge produced by the process is refluxed as a reactant of the biological reaction, and the remaining part is discharged to the outside of the system. The amount of the sludge to be excluded is very large, and the water content is high, the volume is large, and the It is rotten, smells bad, and contains a lot of harmful substances such as heavy metals and germs. If it is not scientifically processed in time, it will cause great pollution to the surface water, soil, groundwater and air, which will adversely affect human health. Therefore, it is very necessary to deal with sludge science.

  There are many ways to dispose of sludge. The common treatment methods are:

  1. Mechanical dehydration: Generally, the moisture content of sludge can be treated to 80%;

  2, chemical conditioning + plate frame pressure filtration: including dosing plus lime and then plate frame pressure filtration, generally can be treated to 60% water;

  3. Anaerobic fermentation: Anaerobic fermentation is carried out in an anaerobic fermentation tank at a temperature of about 40 degrees to produce biogas and other available resources, but the biogas residue after anaerobic treatment still needs subsequent treatment, and common follow-up treatment is good. Oxygen fermentation, large investment, such as normal operation, income is also objective, but the current domestic case is not ideal;

  4, aerobic fermentation: using the principle of aerobic fermentation, can achieve sludge moisture content of 40% -45%, kill most of the pathogens, the use of narrower surface, can be used for agricultural fertilizer or green soil later;

  5, heat drying: belt drying, turntable and drum drying, fluidized bed drying, according to different disposal needs to choose different drying equipment, generally can be dried to a moisture content of 40%-90 % range of intervals.

  Xinkunyuan heat recovery type sludge dryer adopts the concept of heat energy recovery in heat drying technology and energy saving and environmental protection to develop the product. The dry sludge consumes less electricity, and the water removal capacity of 100kg only consumes 30-50 degrees. The effect of drying sludge is amazing, and the sludge with water content of 75%-85% can be reduced to 20%, which greatly reduces the sludge disposal cost of the enterprise. In addition, Xinkunyuan has also launched a “one-stop hazardous waste sludge drying and reduction service”, which allows enterprises to enjoy reduced services without investing in equipment. One-stop services include: free use of equipment, free rental of spare materials for free loading and unloading. Jiangsu Province, Zhejiang and Shanghai provide free on-site operations personnel (other areas can provide personnel training) without equipment transportation costs, directly to the customer site, free installation Worried about any after-sales problems, directly enjoy the monthly income.

  Sludge disposal is an urgent project that must be done in the contemporary era. Suzhou Xinkunyuan provides professional sludge disposal solutions with professional technology and good service.

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